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Referral Clinic

Women who are having a difficult transition during menopause can ask to be referred by their family doctor, nurse practitioner or doctor of naturopathic medicine to be seen in our clinic. Each woman, together with our doctor and nurse will design an individualized plan to manage her symptoms and enhance her health and well-being. Our doctors and nurse are all NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioners (North American Menopause Society).

Referral Form (for health provider to complete).

Getting More Information

Women wanting general information about menopause and mid-life health can speak to our registered nurse. Contact her by phone at 306-665-7681 or email her by clicking Ask Us.

Free Public Forums

We aim to have one public forum each year on topics relevant to women’s mid-life health. National and local experts are invited to bring the latest information to share with you and other forum participants. Some previous public forum topics have been:

· Managing Menopause

· Women and Heart Disease

· Women and Osteoporosis

· Sleep

· Pelvic Pain

· Am I Losing my Mind - Mood Changes and Depression in Mid-Life Women

· Mind Your Metabolism - Metabolic Syndrome and Weight Management

Workshops / Presentations

We are pleased to be able to create and deliver workshops and presentations on women’s health tailored to your needs. We have spoken at professional conferences, local Women’s Health Days, provide a display at conferences and wellness fairs, deliver in-service education in the workplace, and spoken at Lunch’n’ Learn events. For more information or to invite a speaker to your event, click on Contact Us (link)Some fees or travel costs may apply.

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We Have Moved!

Welcome Women's Mi-Life Health Program!

Seasonal Mood Changes

Exercise and the Neuroplasticity of the Brain

Unraveling the Mysteries of Menopause

Put Life Back in Your Life!


Making Seasonal Baking Healthier

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Parkinson's Disease - the Signs and Symptoms

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Services and Programs Enhance Lives of Saskatchewan Women

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A New Look at Treating Symptoms of Pre / Perimnopause Cyclic: Progesterone Therapy for Pre- and Perimenopausal Women

Accepting Chronic Pain

Sweet Potato Pancakes

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New Guidelines from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada

Ask Donnelly R.D.

Mexican Corn and Bean Salad

Pelvic Pain - know more about it

Mindful Decisions about Mid-Life

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Are You Ready for a Change?

A Balancing Act

Counting Sheep

On the Road Again

Cold Nights - Hot Rewards

New Year's Resolutions and Lifestyle Changes

Breaking Barriers, Not Bones

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Pearls of Wisdom from the 12th World Congress on Menopause

Know Who Your Friends Are

Mind Your Metabolism: Healthy Lifestyle Tips from Dr. Dean Kriellaars

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Making Life Precious

Are You Ready to Make Some Changes to Improve Your Health?

Journaling as a Form of Self-Care

The Family Caregiver

Viva Las Veggies

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Improving Women's Lives Through Better Health in Mid-Life and Beyond

About Women's Mid-Life Health Program

Improving women’s lives through better health during mid-life and beyond.

Women's Mid-Life Health Program has been a member of The North American Menopause Society since 2003.


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Since 2011, the Women's Mid-Life Health Program has been funded by the Saskatoon Health Region. However we still need to raise funds for our on-going programs, workshops, events and newsletters. We greatly appreciate your generous support of all these initiatives that bring awareness, health information and improved life to many.

Donations will be processed through and tax receipts issued by Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation according to Revenue Canada Guidelines. Charitable registration #11914 0739 RR 0001.


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